How Do I Check for Tree Pests?

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Improving the overall look and feel of your property is as easy as planting a few trees! In addition to looking fabulous in almost any lawn, trees provide shade that makes hanging out in your yard more comfortable and enjoyable for the whole family. Unfortunately, nasty pests can wreak havoc on your trees and turn a great-looking yard into a total mess. Thankfully, there are ways you can spot these harmful tree pests before they are able to ruin your whole yard. Take note of the following ways to check for pests, from your local arborist in New Orleans, LA:

  • Look for suspicious bugs: Even though you’re not a bug expert, you may be able to tell you have a pest problem without inspecting your trees. If you have an abundance of a certain type of bug or beetle, you may want to call a tree service in New Orleans, LA right away. Massive amounts of one species can indicate an infestation in one or more of your trees. It goes without saying that an infestation needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Inspect leaves: It doesn’t matter what type of tree you have—its leaves will most likely start to look different if the tree has been infested with pests. Signs of an infestation include discoloration, sudden thinning, borer holes and abnormal leaf sizes. Don’t chalk up different-looking leaves to the changing seasons—call Tree Man Inc. for help right away.
  • Check branches and trunk: Signs of pests don’t start and end with the leaves. A pest will also affect your tree’s branches and trunk, so be sure to check those out as well. Take a quick look at the trunk. Does it have holes in it? If so, call us now! Certain types of pests will burrow into your tree’s trunk and kill it rather quickly. If your branches are growing slower than they did last year, it could be due to a pest issue. Slow growth may also be caused by blight or disease, so it’s a good idea to call us either way for guidance on how to correct the problem.
  • Listen for woodpeckers: Woodpeckers aren’t just loud and annoying—their presence may be a sign that your trees have pests. Woodpeckers bang their beaks into your trunk to get to bugs. So, seeing and hearing a lot of them in your trees is a sign that you need to call an arborist as soon as possible to inspect your trees.
  • Hire a specialist: The best way to tell whether or not you have tree pests is to call an arborist in New Orleans, LA to perform an inspection. One of our professionals can take a look at your sick tree and let you know once and for all if you have pests, or if there is some other problem with your tree. Give us a call right away if you need help getting your trees back in good shape.

If your trees look sick, don’t wait around to call Tree Man Inc. The longer you wait to hire a tree service in New Orleans, LA, the worse your trees are going to look and the more expensive it’ll be to make them happy and healthy again. Get in touch today to arrange an inspection!

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