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tree appraisalUnderstanding how to effectively account for and manage your property’s existing trees is necessary to care for them properly. If you are looking for help preserving historic trees, counting inventory of the trees on your lot or receiving an appraisal of the value of your trees, Tree Man, Inc. is here to help you!

As the premier tree cutting service in New Orleans, LA, our firm is able to provide a number of tree management services that can assist you with preserving historic trees, building an inventory of your arboreal collection and appraising the overall value of your trees as well as any damage that may have been incurred to them.

Management Services

Don’t worry yourself with challenging tasks that are best approached by a professional. Leave tasks such as the following to a qualified service provider:



Call 504-394-4207 to learn more about how we can help you organize and account for all of your trees. Our dedicated service representatives can provide you with the tools you need for effective tree management!