My Neighbor’s Tree Branches Are Growing Over My Yard—Can I Prune Them?

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It’s said that good fences make good neighbors. While that may be true in most circumstances, what happens when a tree grows over that fence? Overgrown trees have been an issue that’s plagued neighborhoods ever since folks started building houses close to one another. If you or your neighbor have trees close to your property line, it’s important to read this post from a tree trimming service in New Orleans, LA regarding those branches.

Why do branches need to be trimmed?

A tree’s branches need to be trimmed every so often for a few different reasons. They need to be trimmed to ensure they don’t break off during a storm, so that they don’t run into a power line and so they can grow at a normal rate. Trimming should take place every few years, and should only be performed by an experienced tree trimming service in New Orleans, LA.

Who owns the tree?

Regardless of where the branches hang, ownership is defined by the location of the trunk. The person who owns the tree is ultimately responsible for trimming its branches and caring for the tree in general. So, if the trunk is on your side of the property line, you own the tree. Even if you didn’t plant it, you’re responsible for tree trimming in New Orleans, LA. If the trunk is right on the property line, you and your neighbor both own the tree and are both responsible for trimming the branches.

Can you trim the branches?

As stated above, if it’s your tree, you must trim and care for its branches. However, there are many times in which your neighbor’s branches may get too long. Thankfully, if that’s the case, you’re legally allowed to take matters into your own hands. As long as you have permission, a tree trimmer in New Orleans, LA can prune branches on your neighbor’s tree if those branches are hanging over your property line. It’s important to note that you can only prune the branches back so that they’re not hanging over your lawn anymore. In other words, you can’t just prune them as far back as you want!

Don’t do it yourself!

We know that you legally can trim your neighbor’s branches if they’re hanging over your property line. The question now becomes, should you trim your neighbor’s branches by yourself? Our answer to that is no! Trimming branches isn’t as easy as a professional might make it look. Tree trimming in New Orleans, LA is dangerous, time-consuming and can actually end up hurting the tree if it’s done incorrectly or excessively. Be sure to hire the professionals at Tree Man Inc. when you need your tree branches trimmed back.

The next time you and your neighbor have an issue with your trees, call a tree trimmer in New Orleans, LA to handle all of the trimming for you. The pros at Tree Man Inc. have years of experience trimming and caring for trees, so you can trust that we’ll do a great job getting your tree back in manageable shape. Get in touch today to arrange a consultation!

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