Winter Tree Pruning Tips from Your Expert Tree Trimmer in New Orleans, LA

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Most homeowners think of gardening as a spring and summer activity. While this is the busiest time for planting, growth and blooming, it is not the best time for tree trimming. This landscaping chore is best completed in the winter. When the winter season approaches, consider contacting a tree trimming service in New Orleans, LA to properly prune your trees for optimal results in the spring.

If you decide to attempt your tree trimming in New Orleans, LA yourself, use the following tips to ensure you do it properly. Poor trimming methods can damage your trees and create unattractive growth. Be sure to follow these professional techniques if you complete your own tree trimming this winter.

Trim in Winter

As mentioned, winter is the best time to prune trees. Wait for trees to become dormant, but don’t wait for weather conditions to become too harsh. Prune in the earliest part of winter. This time of year offers several advantages. First, it is easier to prune the tree when its leaves are gone because you have a better view of the branches and their structure. Secondly, transmission of plant diseases is less likely. Third, there are fewer insects to be attracted to fresh pruning wounds on the tree.

Start with Dead Branches

To begin your tree trimming in New Orleans, LA, remove all dead or diseased branches. Next, remove any unbranched stems that sprout from the base of the tree. These “suckers” don’t develop into healthy limbs, so they should be cut away. Once these tasks are complete, move on to the removal of crossing or rubbing branches. Begin with the largest and move to the smallest.

Thin the Canopy

This task is important to do properly to achieve an attractive, healthy appearance. Keep in mind the purpose of tree trimming in New Orleans, LA is to increase air circulation through the branches and maintain the natural structure of the tree. Don’t remove more than a fourth of the tree. Start at the center and work your way out, thinning the branches that make up the densest mass of the tree.

Prune to a Branch

Don’t leave a stub or open end. These create unhealthy growth and can cause disease. To remove an undesirable branch, cut it just above a bud. Try to choose one that faces outward, so the new growth will extend toward the exterior of the tree. This step is often one of the most difficult for homeowners to remember, as it is easier to simply chop away at branches wherever they are easiest to reach. However, taking the time to do this right will result in a much healthier and more attractive tree.

Time to Trim?

This winter, give your trees the TLC they need to thrive. To ensure they receive an optimal trim, contact a professional tree trimmer in New Orleans, LA. The experts at Tree Man Inc. are available to provide careful tree trimming that results in beautiful trees. Contact us today for additional winter pruning tips or to schedule your expert tree trimming in New Orleans, LA.

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