Why Should I Hire an Arborist for Tree Trimming in New Orleans, LA?

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While professional tree trimmers are certainly more than qualified to help with any tree trimming or removal you may need on your property, it is only certified arborists who have the capabilities to provide you with a complete tree care experience. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should work with an arborist when you need a qualified tree trimmer in New Orleans, LA.

In-depth tree knowledge

In order to become a certified arborist, individuals have to go through years of training in all facets of tree biology, including planting, caring for and maintaining various tree species. They then have to pass a comprehensive exam to receive their certification. This extensive training means that arborists can not only help with the trimming of your tree, but they can do so in a way that doesn’t harm the health of the tree. Arborists take into account the growth patterns that are common in particular climates, which can help to determine which species would be best for certain areas. Arborists also have the information needed to be able to identify and subsequently protect your tree from harmful insects and diseases, with knowledge of safe and efficient methods to restore proper tree health.

Correct techniques

Because arborists go through so many years of training, you can be sure that, when it comes to planting a new tree or trimming an existing one on your property, they will get it right the first time. It isn’t uncommon for the typical tree trimmer in New Orleans, LA to plant trees at the incorrect depth, which can lead to issues with the proper growth and health of the tree. These trimmers could also over-prune trees, which could cause serious damage and even potential death for a healthy tree.

Arborists, on the other hand, have experience with multiple forms of pruning, and can remove dead branches in a manner that is much safer and could actually stimulate tree growth. Their extensive knowledge also helps them to plant trees at the correct depths, and create the most ideal growing conditions for new trees.


Because of the safety regulations that arborists have to be aware of and abide by in order to receive their certification, many commercial and industrial projects are now requiring that arborists be used at their sites for insurance purposes. Certified arborists have experience working with many different types of safety equipment, including goggles, hard hats and safety harnesses. Arborists are constantly making sure that their workplace is as safe as possible, which can reduce the level of liability at a work site.

If you need someone who is deeply knowledgeable in what it takes to plant, maintain and trim a healthy tree, then you need a fully licensed tree trimming service in New Orleans, LA. Here at Tree Man Inc., we use a holistic approach to handle the many needs of the trees on your property and ensure that they are taken care of the right way. We have been around for more than 45 years and want to use our expertise to make sure that the trees on your property are healthy and bounteous. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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