How to Remove a Tree Stump: Stump Grinding or Stump Removal in New Orleans, LA?

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If you’ve recently had a tree cut down and removed from your property, you might be trying to decide what to do with the tree stump that remains. While some homeowners might be inclined to leave the stump as it is, it is important to know that old tree stumps could actually present a number of problems for your property. Not only is a tree stump unsightly and unattractive, but the stump could eventually become a breeding ground for decay and insect infestations that could affect the growth of other trees or plants nearby.

To avoid these unwanted pitfalls, you will need a stump removal plan, but which is best, stump grinding or stump removal in New Orleans, LA? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each method.

Stump grinding

The stump grinding process involves using a stump grinder with a large, high-speed blade and cutting teeth to level out the stump that remains into small pieces. The grinding process goes on until the stump is a couple of inches below the ground, and the pieces can then be added to your compost pile or used as mulch in other areas of your yard. The area where the tree stump used to be can be covered with the chips that were created or with soil in preparation for grass to grow when the process is completed. Stump grinding is usually the simplest and most cost effective way to rid your property of an unsightly tree stump, but if you have a larger project on your hands, there is another option for you to consider.

Stump removal

Stump removal is a much more intensive process that involves removal of not only the stump, but much of the root network that lies under the ground as well. Root networks are typically very large and can be up to four to 10 times the size of the tree, which is a part of the reason that stump removal can be so complicated. Although difficult, stump removal in New Orleans, LA can be beneficial in instances in which you want to be certain you have gotten as much of the root system out as possible, which will give you the option to plant healthy trees in the area in the future. Just remember that if you do opt for stump removal, there will be a hole in the ground after the process is complete that will need to be filled right away to prevent a safety hazard on your property.

While you might be tempted to tackle the removal of your stump on your own, both stump removal and stump grinding in New Orleans, LA must be done correctly and safely to make sure no future issues are created. Both stump removal and stump grinding are great options to get that old stump off of your property, and which approach you choose will ultimately depend on the size of the tree and the depth of the root network. If you need help with stump removal, stump grinding or any other tree services, be sure to give our staff at Tree Man Inc. a call today for all of your comprehensive tree care needs.

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