Five Common Tree Care Mistakes on Commercial Properties

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Having a beautifully landscaped commercial property is highly sought after by every business owner, and this includes nice-looking trees. The improper care of trees can diminish their growth and health potential, and this can make your property look unsightly and cause you to lose your precious tree investment. With the proper care courtesy of a tree service in New Orleans, LA, you can ensure your treescaping always maintains its appearance. When tree care goes wrong, it can be devastating to your commercial property’s overall curb appeal. Here are some of the most common mistakes that can occur with tree care on a commercial property:

  • Improper pruning: Pruning by a tree service in New Orleans, LA is a necessary part of tree ownership on a commercial property. It can allow more foliage to get sun coverage and help your trees to maintain proper growth. Poor pruning can be the cause of weakened trees and create wounds that are too deep for a tree to survive. At any given time, only 25 percent of growth should be trimmed, but this is, of course, dependent on the age and health of your trees.
  • Wrong mulch utilization: Using excessive amounts of mulch against your tree trunks may provide the appearance you are seeking, but in actuality, it is compromising the health of your trees. Mulch contains moisture that seeps into the bark. Your tree’s trunks can’t manage this moisture, and it can lead to the development of mold and insect infestation. Keep mulch to a minimum around trees, or use wood chips for a more natural effect.
  • Overwatering and underwatering: At a commercial property, an irrigation system is most often used to keep plants and trees watered. While this is a good source of moisture for trees, they don’t adjust to external conditions each day. This can cause overwatering as well as underwatering, which can reduce your trees’ ability to photosynthesize. This reduces their overall health and can lead to disease in your trees.
  • Deep plantings: Planting a tree too deep can create problems down the road as the tree begins to grow and mature. While a tree service in New Orleans, LA will know the correct depth for tree planting, it does bear reminding that planting too deep can cause girdling, where roots grow upward and cut off the nutrients to the tree system. Plant trees in a shallow amount of soil and allow their root system to take shape naturally.
  • Equipment damage: Damage from string trimmers and lawnmowers can do a number on your trees, cutting away the bark that is crucial to tree health. The bark is the system through which your tree gathers water and nutrients. Gouges and cuts in this delicate system can starve your trees and put them at risk of dying. Use barriers around your tree trunks for protection, such as mulch or fences.

Having a tree service in New Orleans, LA care for the trees on your commercial property can ensure they get the proper care they need to thrive. Not only will your property’s appearance improve, but your trees will also be healthier as a result. Contact Tree Man Inc. to have the trees on your commercial property cared for. We are experts in tree care, with more than 45 years in the industry.

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